Hampton & King, a Houston, Texas law firm focused on representing patients injured by medical negligence, is now accepting malpractice cases brought by active-duty military personnel and their families.   If you, or a loved one, have been injured by medical malpractice in a military facility, contact our office Mon-Sun 24/7.

Military Medical Malpractice Lawyers

named after a 70-year-old case U.S. Supreme Court case that misinterpreted the law, has recently been repealed by a provision inserted in the National Defense Authorization Act. 

The Feres case involved three service members injured by negligence.   One had undergone abdominal surgery and, when severe post-operative complications required a second operation, his surgeon found a 30-inch towel bearing the words “Medical Department U.S. Army.”  The Supreme Court held that since the negligent surgeon was also employed by the Army, the negligence occurred in the context of “combatant activities” and the government was immune from suit.

The Feres Doctrine

What You Should Know

Finally, Congress has allowed an exception in cases of medical malpractice. The cases will be handled administratively, instead of in the courts, which may speed up resolution.

The legislation may be retroactive in some cases to 2018, Call us 24/7 


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How much will it cost me to bring my claim?

Attorneys fees are capped at twenty percent by law. At Hampton & King, we only work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you owe nothing unless you make a successful recovery.

Who may file claims?

Members of the uniformed services who sustained personal injury or death caused by a Department of Defence health care provider
who negligently performed medical, dental, or related health care functions within their employment.

What claims may be included?

Claims consisting of medical malpractice that occurred in a covered military medical treatment facility.

How long do I have to assert my claim?

In general, the claim must be asserted within two years after the claim accrues. Because this law is so new, however, 
some older claims may be allowed. This is a developing facet of this new law.

Can you give me more details?

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Effective January 2020, military personnel may bring claims against the Federal government for medical malpractice. Because this law has changed so recently, the government has not yet issued procedures for resolution of these claims. But, there is some information that you should know.